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"I remember my mother sewing up shoe uppers many years ago, while playing hide and seek with my brothers at home.
I would stop and watch her sew for hours".

Born in Italy in 1991, Marco Laganà is an up-and-coming designer. He graduated in Fashion Design at Politecnico in Milan, presenting a footwear project realized in collaboration with Fratelli Rossetti.

After his studies, in July 2013 he moved to Paris for eight months to work as a creative consultant and product designer for the shoe brand Camille Tanoh.

In the same year, Marco worked as the online content editor for the Maison Pierre Hardy. In May 2014, He moved back to his home country and started his own eponymous brand.

"The POP - Art Collection"
FALL/WINTER 2015-2016

Irony, surprise, tradition and contamination.

Living in the 90s - with its aesthetic trends - makes Marco
an irreverent guy and teaches him to expect the unexpectable. This is the reason why he wants to suprise. Surprise moves, amazes and creates sensations. He makes us believe we are talking about POP, but he presents an handcrafted product, which is exactly the opposite.
So what does it means? He uses the pop to speak about something completely different, in the same way POP-art uses common items to speak about art.
"Art" is handcraft, is the Yang bound to the Yin of POP language.

Milk boxes used as packaging. Consumistic inspirations.
Mall lookbook treated in every detail. Marco's language is straight-forward. His product deep-rooted. Raw materials clash, upper leather is paired with fine man-made fibers weaved with Kevlar.
Design and quality: the brand's meticulous attention to details shows respect to handcrafted luxury products.
Veal lining and leather insole. Made in Italy tradition meets innovation with a union of elegant aggressivity. It's a modern Italy, holding one foot in the future and one in the past. Quality is led by experience.

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